A high standard of personal grooming is expected at all times.  Students are to wear the regulation uniform to every class. Hair is to be well groomed in a bun for ballet and a ponytail for jazz. It is acceptable to wear small earring studs but please leave all other jewellery at home.  All items of clothing and shoes must be clearly labelled with the student’s name.  Watches brought into class should be left at the office. Students must wear street clothes to and from the studios. Changing rooms are available.


Junior Ballet School


                 Pre-school Ballet


                       Leotard:           Pink ballerina tutu (available from P W Dancewear)

                       Socks:             Pink Ballet Tights

                       Shoes:             Pink Elastic

                       Hair:                In bun with pink ribbon


                       Top:                White singlet

                       Shorts:            Blue/black

                       Shoes:             White

                       Tights:             Black

   Socks:             Long white (Calf Length)

Beginners, Pre Primary and Primary


Leotard:           Pale pink, B.B.O Dress “Chloe Dress”

                       (leotard and skirt attached), capped sleeves with a scooped neck

Socks:              Pink Ballet Tights

Shoes:              Pink/flesh elastic (no ribbons)

Hair:                In a bun with pale pink satin ribbon


          Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Leotard:          Navy”Jane” Leotard                                                    

Tights:             Pink/flesh

Shoes:             Pink/flesh (with ribbons from Grade 3 for exams)

Hair:                In a bun with satin ribbon, same colour as leotard.


Junior School Boys Ballet – Beginners, Pre Primary, Primary, Grade 1 to 5

Leotard:           White “Aaron” Leotard

Leggings:         Black

Socks:             Long white (Calf Length)

Shoes:             White leather



Senior Ballet School


BBO Intermediate Foundation – Advanced 1


Leotard:           Black Major leotard “Bronwyn”

   Black chiffon skirt

Tights:             Flesh ballet tights

Shoes:             Pink satin pointe shoes

Hair:                In a bun with narrow navy blue ribbon –

                       Pale pink flowers for exam day


Leotard:           White “Arn” leotard/Support Belt

Leggings:         Black

Socks:              White calf length

Shoes:              White leather


RAD Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced


Leotard:           Black Bronwyn Leotard

Tights:             Flesh ballet tights

Shoes:             Pink satin demi-pointes, (compulsory for exam)

   Pink satin pointe shoes

Hair:                In a tidy bun


Leotard:           White short sleeved Leotard

Tights:              Black leggings

Socks:              White calf length

Shoes:              White leather


Advanced 2 and Solo Seal


Leotard:           Black Bronwyn Leotard, black tutu half-skirt (Solo seal),

   Black circular chiffon Russian skirt

Tights:              Pale pink

Shoes:              Pink satin pointe shoes


Leotard:           Black short sleeved leotard/support belt

Tights:             Black

Shoes:             Black


Jazz School                                  



Grade 1, 2 Jazz

  • Purple high neck leotard with Keyhole back “Gina Leotard”
  • Black Quick Dri Dance short with purple piping
  • Black Jazz shoes
  • Purple velvet scrunchie for hair

           Grade 3 and above Jazz

  • Black Muscle Back Tee
  • Black with turquoise fold over shorts OR fold over 3/4 leggings
  • Black Jazz shoes
  • Turquoise flower or Mdri scrunchie for hair

         All grades must wear their hair in a ponytail.



Straight leg cotton Lycra pants (from J W Dancewear) and Black Split Sole shoes.



  • Black Muscle Back SBT or black leotard
  • Black with turquoise fold over shorts OR fold over 3/4 leggings
  • Black Opaque Footless Tights to be worn under shorts only
  • Flesh coloured foot thongs or half flats


All uniform items are available from P W Dancewear at The Colombo.

P W Dance Wear

                        Cnr Colombo & Stanley Streets, Sydenham

                        Phone 366 4238