June 14, 2021Term 2 Watching Week

We appreciate watching classes is a special time for parents and student’s;
we do ask that you follow the guidelines below to minimise disruption to the classes:

- Please plan to stay for the entire class, leaving during class is distracting. If you do need to leave the studio during class, please do not re-enter the studio.
- Please do not bring children under the age of 4 unless they can sit still for the entire period. If children watching become distracting please remove them as quickly as possible from the studio.
- Due to available space in the studios the number of family members able to watch per student is limited to 2.
- Colour crayons and markers are not permitted in the studios.
- No cell phones, cameras, computers or electronic equipment of any kind are allowed in the studio during class.
- No food or drink in the studios
- No talking during class and no taking notes.