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Southern Ballet Achieve Greatness

Southern Ballet students aspire to perfection in Classical Ballet technique which forms the core of a young dancer’s physical training. 

Founded in 1974 by Miss Lorraine Peters, Southern Ballet was built up on an outstanding reputation with many students achieving distinction in their careers as dancers, performing in New Zealand and internationally to principal status. 

The school is affiliated to the British Ballet Organisation, The Royal Academy of Dance and New Zealand Academy of Modern Dance. All of whom demand a high standard of its teachers and students, and whose training syllabi are committed to the achievement of that standard. 

Southern Ballet offers dance classes to Beginner students (3-5yrs), Junior students (5-12yrs), Senior students (12yrs +) and to Adults.
We have our own Ballet & Modern Dance Companies for dedicated students and Pre-Professional Programs for students wishing to take the next step for a career in dance.

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Our philosophy here at Southern Ballet is to train dancers through the enjoyment of learning dance, to inspire confidence in all students, to develop movement and deportment and, above all, to widen the student’s imagination and appreciation of music from classical ballet to modern jazz.