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Southern Ballet Ballet & Modern Companies

Every year here at Southern Ballet, we audition talented young dancers for our Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Ballet & Modern Dance Companies.

These companies offer a training and performance program for dedicated students to learn, grow and achieve.

Company students prepare for performance seasons held during the year in our unique in-house theatre facility.

Ballet Companies

- Junior Ballet Company (grades 3 - 5)
- Intermediate Ballet Company (intermediate foundation - intermediate)
- Senior Ballet Company (advanced 1 - solo seal)

Modern Companies

- Junior Jazz Company (grades 3 - 5 jazz or level 1 contemporary)
- Intermediate Jazz Company (pre-elementary - elementary jazz or level 2 - 3 contemporary)
- Senior Jazz Company (intermediate - solo diploma or level 4 - 6 contemporary)

All companies include at least 2hrs of extra classes per week and multiple performances throughout the year.

2021 Fees

$160.00 (per term)